Maniglia Media is an award winning, full-service script to screen creative and branding department offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography that consistently represent quality for our clients that include: Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, TLC, A&E, History, Animal Planet, WETA, WGBH, NASA, SSA, NIAF, and many other top advertising, political, public relations and government agencies.

As a premier provider of 4K, 2K, and HD digital media production on a local and national level, we produce award winning, entertaining, compelling and informational content for today’s diverse communications environment that includes broadcast, cable, web 2.0, mobile devices, blogs and wikis, social, interactive and event media.

From polar bear tracking in the North Pole and Civil War reenactments on sacred battlefields to the addictive beauty of Thailand and the harsh reality of Central American immigrants, Maniglia Media brings talent, expertise and state-of-the-art capture technology to a wide variety of productions to include: award winning documentaries, music videos and political spots, network promos, reality media, corporate and government marketing and re-branding image campaigns, social awareness and fundraising films for non-profits and educational institutions, and convention event intros and roll-ins.

Lead by Emmy-Award winning Director of Photography, Frank Maniglia Jr.,  Maniglia Media has been producing emotional, meaningful and unforgettable media content worldwide for over 30 years.  Frank’s keen eye for detail and sense of storytelling manifest in a classic visual style and his experience and expertise allow him to handle complex shoots that incorporate detailed digital special effects and compositing.

Maniglia Media is a forward-thinking creative and imaginative production company dedicated to the support of artists of all genres. We welcome and aggressively self-produce concepts and scripts that are unique, compelling, and thought-provoking. Our extensive industry expertise provides for novel partnerships with local and national – network and indie producers.


Maniglia Media is proud to be at the forefront of the latest capture and content manipulation technology. Our award winning post production team is comprised of talented and creative individuals who specialize in all formats and resolutions in Digital Media Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design and Color Enhancement.

Skill, experience and innovative techniques place Maniglia Media among the most respected in the region. This combination of talent and technology produces an award-winning edge, and is why clients around the globe entrust us to produce their content.

 Editing is a very integral part of any production and often is under-appreciated. With the same attention to detail that separates our production team from most, it’s in the editing phase where this becomes most obvious. Editing is much more than simply cutting scenes together. It’s a part of production that can often “Make or Break” the final outcome.

 We strive to create the right solution for each project and make sure that the quality comes through no matter the final deliverable or method of delivery.  We provide mastering to HDSR, HDCam, DVCProHD, Digital-beta and provide End-to-end (capture, author and burn) high-performance authoring for Blu-ray & DVD. We transcode from virtually any source format to a broad range of new media formats including 4K,2K  and HD for Windows Media, Quicktime, H.264 & Flash—and for all New Media Distribution Channels to include: web 2.0, mobile devices, blogs and wikis, email, social media, interactive TV, web mash-ups, video games, virtual worlds, and podcasting.