MANIGLIA….a name that has been thoroughly entrenched in Washington DC and the surrounding area’s for over 50 years. The art of creating meaningful messages, capturing reality and telling stories that is both captivating and entertaining. This is the goal of any Production team and this is what Maniglia Media strives to achieve in every project. Today’s media creation has changed dramatically over the years; however the craft itself has not. Experience is something that can’t be bought; it’s not something that can be taught. It only comes with time. Experience combined with new and improved technologies will push media production to new heights. Maniglia Media is poised and ready to deliver.

For years MVI Post, based in Falls Church Virginia help lead the way in supporting the Broadcast Market, Independent Producers, Private Industry, and Government. Maniglia Media is simply an extension of the services delivered for all those years with the same quality and personal service that became expected.

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